Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Mrs Bernadette Lax

Headteacher Mrs Bernadette Lax

Deputy Head Mrs Helen Day

Deputy Head Mrs Helen Day

Ms Sarah Luton

Ms Leigh Bryant Acting Assistant Head Teacher

SEN Team

Mrs Fiona Wood

Mrs Fiona Wood SENCO

Mr Dez Riddler

Mr Dez Riddler SENCO

Ms Hayley Lawn SEN/Welfare Assistant

Office & Administration

Mrs Emma Thomas

Mrs Christine Ansell HR and Finance Manager

Mrs Angela Mulroy Adminstration Assistant

Mrs Angela Mulroy Finance Assistant

Mrs Zenia Skeats Office Manager


Mrs Sally Spence

Mrs Sally Spence Admissions and Attendance Officer

Mrs Nikki Upton Family Liaison Officer


Miss Ethie Scott Apprentice Admin Assistant


Other Key Staff

IT Technician Mrs Marie-Jose Geurts

Mrs Marie-Jose Geurts IT Technician

Mr Stuart Adams Site Manager

Mr Stuart Adams Site Manager


Mr John Butler Caretaker

Stephanie Waller

Stephanie Waller Premises Team

Lynda Wild

Lynda Wild Premises Team

Maria Estruito

Maria Estruito Premises Team

Debra Forbister

Debra Forbister Premises Team