The Curriculum

The Curriculum

At Herne Bay Infant School and Seashells Nursery, we aim to meet the needs of all children in the school and nursery by providing a broad and balanced curriculum.

We strive for all children to reach their own individual potential and build upon their strengths, helping them to understand that we all grow and learn together. We use the National Curriculum and we use inspiring connectors to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of all subjects across the school. All teachers and leaders have worked collaboratively to plan linked and progressive connectors that interest the children but that also meet their needs too. These connectors enable us to provide cross-curricular opportunities and experiences to ignite exciting learning that will link the Foundation subjects, along with English, Maths and Science. 

As well as connecting our curriculum by linking the subject areas, we also use an enquiry-based approach. This means that connectors start with children’s knowledge and understanding of the connector and subject areas before new learning takes place. We then encourage children to ask questions and to lead the class enquiry down the route of what they would like to find out. Each term, the connector is kick-started with a ‘Stunning Starter’ to inspire learning and indeed to create curiosity and intrigue of the connector and enquiry. Then, at the end of the connector, the learning that has taken place is celebrated and transferred by means of a ‘Fabulous Finisher’.

We promote positive emotional health and well-being to help children develop social and emotional skills throughout all subjects and also through PSHE sessions. Each class has a Box Full of Feelings, where feelings are talked about, acknowledged and acted upon daily. Regular circle times also allow the opportunity of exploring feelings and emotional health, social skills and the PSHE curriculum.

Our school values underpin everything that we teach and children learn at school and nursery; Learning, Kindness, Perseverance, Responsibility and Co-operation. In our school, we live out and promote these values alongside the British Values to ensure our pupils make educated decisions and become resilient individuals that are prepared for their next stage in life.

You can access information about our curriculum, including the connectors using the tabs at the side of this page, together with the Long Term Curriculum Plans below. These are working documents and adaptable by the teachers, and connectors may move around depending upon world events and relevance to the children. Long Term Curriculum Plans show year group connectors to give an overview of the learning that the children will cover in each year group and the Progression of Skills that the children will be learning in each of the subjects.

At the end of each term, year groups send home a Subject Knowledge Organiser to children and families. This shows the key knowledge and skills that have been taught and learnt throughout the connector. We send this home to inform families of their child’s learning but also to make the learning memorable as we encourage families to recall the learnt information. Subject Knowledge Organisers can also found below.